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Friday, October 19, 2012

Coming Together

Have you ever heard of Al Smith? He was the nominee for President by the Democrats in the 1928 election. He was also the first Roman Catholic to be a nominee by a major party. John F. Kennedy was the first (and to date only) Roman Catholic to be elected President.
Al Smith lost in 1928, but his name lives on. There is a charitable foundation that bears his name that raises money for many Catholic charities. Since 1960 candidates for President from both parties have been invited to be keynote speakers at the annual event. The event is hosted by the Cardinal Archbishop of New York. The candidates are not allowed to give political speeches, it is meant to be lighthearted evening to raise money. There have been some very humorous moments over the years as the candidates have poked fun at themselves and their opponent. Both President Obama and Governor Romney noted that it is a great thing about America when the two candidates can come together for such an evening, to laugh at and with each other, to recognize that there is more to life than politics. Here are videos of Gov. Romney, Pres. Obama and Cardinal Dolan:

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